About us

MWV ESP is a small group of guys with a wide array of skills.  We all have a love for IT and especially the internet.

Our business and business model came about for the most part by chance.  We've all been in the IT and Internet business for more than 15 years with such jobs as Sr. Systems Engineer, Sr. Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, ISO, Programmer, Project Manager, etc. doing the 9-5 thing at such places as fortune 500 companies and one of the largest hosting service providers.

One day a friend called one of us and stated he had just purchased his father-in-law's once successful business and after hearing us propose a website to his father-in-law a few year's back, wanted us to do that for what is now his business.  The problem was that he didn't have much of a budget to spend and wanted to take us up on an alternate plan we proposed, based on a percentage of the profits.  So, we shook hands and the rest is history.  His online business, and subsequently his brick and mortar business, are now both highly successful...and he is still our customer.  It's been a great situation and we are looking to do that with other businesses.

Our team comes from a wide background of computer fields and carry the following certifications:

  • MCSE
  • MCSA
  • MCP + I
  • VCP  (3,4 & 5)
  • CCNA

We really don't have an interest to take on as many clients as we can get.  We simply want customers that make sense to our business model.  We also want to be able to provide you with the same excellent support we gave our first customer.